Trabucchi Gargano

Bord of Directors

Non-profit organization - Trabucco Giovanni Spalatro - President

Son of one of the oldest master craftsmen that spent almost all life in building trabucchi in Vieste.

Since he was a small child, while he was helping his father during fishing hunts, he was fascinated by the complex construction methods related to traditional trabucchi.

For our organization, beyond presiding over the sessions of the General Assembly, he represent the organization in the meeting with public institutions and media.

Non-profit organization - Trabucco Mario Ottaviano - Vice President

He belongs to the last generation of a trabucco master craftsmen family in Peschici. Him with his father and brothers (and before them his grandfather and his great-grandfather) take care of suggestive Trabucco of Baia di San Nicola in Peschici.

He has a solid knowledge of all the fishing methods and all the costruction and maintenance techniques related to traditional trabucchi.

His task in our organization is to keep relations with trabuccolanti in Peschici and with public istitutions of their town.

Non-profit organization - Trabucco Rossella Falcone - Board member

Lawyer and business woman, already very active in many fights for improving safeguard of our National Park and for promoting Gargano worldwide.

President of tourism entrepreneurs consortium "Gargano Mare" and member of "Gal Gargano" (Group for tourism promotion of Gargano N. P.) board of directors.

She has been always in the first defence line of traditional trabucchi and her task in our organization is to take care of rise funding sensitizing entrepreneurs and public istitutions.

Non-profit organization - Trabucco Matteo Silvestri - Board member

Young engineer with a strong passion for Gargano traditional trabucco.

Passion for trabucchi was transmitted to him from his grandfather that was renowned as the best trabucchi master crafstmen in Vieste.

He is very active and determined in overcoming all obstacles that still divide our organization from reaching its goals.

Beyond taking care of all static measurements for safety plans of every traditional trabucco, Matteo also keeps for our organization the relations with public offices and istitutions.

Non-profit organization - Trabucco Saverio Serlenga - Board member

Journalist for "TeleRadioErre" news channel in Manfredonia, as a professional reporter always on the front line, in several occasions he directely witnessed the slow decay of traditional trabucco in Gargano and often wrote about it.

He wrote several articles pointed out the critical situation of trabucchi and he was a promoter and a founder member of our organization.

He is the press office manager of our organization and he keeps relations with media and politic istitutions.

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