Trabucchi Gargano

Trabucco around the world

During our studies on ancient and traditional fishing techniques, we found out that other populations around the world felt the need to build fishing machines that allow to fish while remaining on the mainland

In this page, that will be updated everytime we will find some new information, we list the techniques we found.

Chinese fishing nets

Chinese fishing nets, located in the state of Kerala in India, are fixed land installations made of bamboo operated from the shore.

At first sight they look like a Trabucco but their architecture base on a much less complex mechanism.
Trabucchi Gargano
Chinese fishing nets - Fort Kochi - Kerala state - India

Compared with a Trabucco has no antennas and no desk too. Has a smaller net (less than the half of the net of a trabucco) a├Čthat can be lowered into the sea water for no more than four meters.

Pursuant to a local legend, Chinese Fishing Nets were introduced in India by the Chinese explorer, Zheng He during one of his exploration in 1400.

Water spiders in Ha Long Bay

This time we are in the north of Vietnam, in the middle of Ha Long Bay, between the hundreds islands of the famous archipelago.

Halong, in vietnamese, is translated as 'where the dragon descended into the water'. A legend says that the archipelago was created by a dragon coming from a nearby mountain. Flying very close to the land, its flailing tail gouged out valleys and crevasses. In hundreds years then, the area filled with water leaving only pinnacles visible.

To create this interesting fishing machine were the small local communities engaged in fisheries that live between the islands.
Trabucchi Gargano
Water spiders in Ha Long Bay - Northern Vietnam

The four bamboo beams are operated, from the small hut at a short distance from the trap, trough one rope that, in a single movement, lower them lowering the big net into the water as well. The same rope, then, lift the beams and the net in the exact moment in wich fishes are swimming over it.

Then, a small boat is used to collect the fish from under the lifted net (net bottom can be opened).

Please note: We are researching to complete the contents with more information on traditional fishing methods around world.

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