Trabucchi Gargano

"Trabuccolanti" - Master Caftsmen

Associazione Trabucchi A traditional Trabucco has long antennas hanging in the balance over the sea, huge and scenic nets, bold symmetries of wires and ropes and experienced fishermen able to operate on it.

Appear obvious, so, that building a Trabucco, maintain it and fishing on it presupposes a vast technical knowledge.

As we already wrote on the page of this website dedicated to the history of traditional Trabucco, long time ago, when a trabucco could catch tons of fish in a day, 'Trabuccolanti' (master craftsmen), because considered the guardians of a fine mastery, they were very revered and respected.

Associazione Trabucchi
People of Gargano held them in high regard, exactly like renowned engineers or famous architects are highly esteemed nowadays.

Associazione Trabucchi They held as sacred their mastery passing down it to their family through the generations.

Many of them have, unfortunately, already passed away many years ago but their names (and nicknames in local dialect) like Francesco Aliota (Galejotte), Michele Caputo (u Beccuse), Battista Ottaviano (Battestòne), Michele De Toma (Zè Vulepècchje), Giulio Troiano (u Maggióre), Matteo Fasanella (Cucchjàre), etc are still fixed in the memory of some elderly man.

Last Trabuccolanti, for the reasons we have already explained in this website, got old without having the possibility to pass down their knowledge to the next generations.

Our dream is to stop this unacceptable downfall. Any help will be more than welcome.
Associazione Trabucchi

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