Trabucchi Gargano

Our Mission

Associazione Trabucchi Until the mid-seventies Trabucchi played a crucial role in Gargano fishing industry.

Adriatic fish resources at that time were abundant and a Trabucco could feed several families thanks to the excellent fish hunting during its golden age.

Than fishing with big motorized vessels became more and more common, also thanks to heavy government subsidies to increase fleets. Overfishing together with destructive fishing practices, over the years, impoverished coastal resources and artisanal fisheries of traditional trabucchi collapsed and been abandoned. Only few "Trabuccolanti", at their own expense, have decided to grow old with their Trabucco.

The need of daily routine maintenance on such a complex machine, made entirely of wood and exposed to the elements during each season, made the conservation of this monument to traditional fishing methods too expensive for old trabuccolanti.

That's why, among our goals there are also:

Associazione Trabucchi

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