Trabucchi Gargano

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Associazione Trabucchi Our non-profit association was officially established the 21 November 2012 in Vieste, in Gargano National Park.

The constituent members were, for the most part, the old master craftsmen called "Trabuccolanti" (last people still able to build and fish on a Trabucco) together with the many fans of Trabucco that, tired to watch helplessly such a great cultural heritage slowly disappearing, have decided to get involved in order to achieve the goal of the complete restoration of existing Trabuccos of Gargano's costline and reconstruction of those now gone.

Associazione Trabucchi

People of Gargano, since time immemorial and generation after generation, lived with the constant presence of these ancient and fascinating fishing machines along our coasts and so our activism has soon endeared us to our fellow citizens that always support and participate in many of our initiatives.

Despite the many battles we conducted in these years, beyond the difficulty in raising funds to dedicate to restoration and maintenance, still today there are many bureaucratic obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals.

Our resolution, however, is refueled with new energy from every new difficulty because we strongly believe that the complete restoration of all Trabucchi of Gargano is just a matter of civility.

Associazione Trabucchi

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