Trabucchi Gargano

Non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring all Gargano's Trabucco

Trabucchi Gargano Trabucchi Gargano Trabucchi Gargano

You may have traveled the whole life, but nowhere else in the world you will be able to witness the amazing show of a fishing experience on a traditional Trabucco.

Coming down from the Adriatic, strange fishing machines, all composed of planks and beams, similar to giant spiders catch the eye of the traveler. Built in ancient times, with complex techniques but from simple folk, Trabucco of Gargano arose from the need to fish keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground, especially during unpredictable and violent sea storms.

Nowadays, Trabucco in Gargano National Park represent the historical evidence of the human genius inspired by the generous sea that, at the very same time, can also be merciless and destructive..

Our non-profit organization supports old "trabuccolanti" (last fishermen still able to build and fish on a traditional Trabucco) and operates in order to help them to protect and restore their Trabucchi, in order to save their mastery from the risk of disappearing and in order to hand down to next generations these ancient and fascinating structures.

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